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Mandatory Modules in Philosophy (35 ECTS)

010028 VO (REMOTE) Medieval philosophy
010132 VO (MIXED) Ancient Philosophy
010028 VO (REMOTE) Medieval philosophy
180133 VO (REMOTE) History of Philosophy III - for Teachers
180074 SE (REMOTE) Media Workshop: hospitality
180078 KU (ON-SITE) Processes of becoming a subject - collective, unconscious, habitual, narrative, epistemic, transcendental
180079 SE (REMOTE) Critical Hermeneutics
180082 SE (ON-SITE) Frege: Short texts
180087 SE (MIXED) Plato's Phaedo
180155 SE (REMOTE) Wittgenstein and Relativism
180228 KU [en] (REMOTE) Language and discrimination
180101 SE (MIXED) Bioethics - Evolutionary Ethics
180102 SE (REMOTE) Kant's Foundation of Ethics
180103 SE [en] (REMOTE) Climate Ethics
180105 SE (ON-SITE) Phenomenology of the Social/Political - Castoriadis' The Imaginary Institution of Society"
180176 SE (REMOTE) The Arab Nicomachean Ethics

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