Universität Wien

Basic Modules (82 ECTS)

180049 PS [en] (REMOTE) Reading seminar: Speech Act Theory
180050 LPS (MIXED) Reading seminar: Giordano Bruno - Philosophical Dialog on theInfinite
180223 PS (ON-SITE) Reading seminar: Edmund Husserl - The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology
180053 VO (REMOTE) M-03 Fundamentals of Logic
180054 UE [deen] (REMOTEMIXED) M-03 Exercise Course in Logic
180055 VU [deen] (REMOTEMIXED) M-03 Reasoning in Philosophy
180057 VO (MIXED) Greek Terminology
180059 VO-L (REMOTE) History of Philosophy II
180137 PS (REMOTE) Philosophical Anthropology - The Human Place in the Cosmos
180218 PS (ON-SITE) The Subject - History and criticism of the term
180064 VO-L (MIXED) Introduction to Analytical Metaphysics - Lecture with reading
180065 VO (REMOTE) Introduction to Epistemology
180067 PS [en] (ON-SITE) Topics in Moral Philosophy
180069 PS (REMOTE) Plato: Politeia
180070 PS (ON-SITE) Collective responsibility
180174 VO-L (REMOTE) Introduction to animal ethics
180106 VO-L (REMOTE) Theories of violence - Philosophical and interdisciplinary perspectives - Lecture with reading

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