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M-15 Philosophy of Science (10 ECTS)

180108 VO-L (REMOTE) Philosophy-Physics / Vibrating Matter / New Materialism - Karen Barad, Jane Bennett, Katja Diefenbach, F.W.J. Schelling
180156 SE (REMOTE) Roots of structuralism
180177 VO (REMOTE) Critical Realism - Lecture with reading
180184 VO-L (REMOTE) Philosophy of psychology
180208 SE [en] (MIXED) Philosophy of Science Colloquium
180216 VO-L (REMOTE) Philosophy of Science and History of Science of Research in Psychoanalysis Part 1 - From the clinical to the empirical and interdisciplinary research.
180230 SE (REMOTE) Feminist Philosophy of Biology - Grundlagen und neueste Debatten
260053 VO (ON-SITE) Physical research and epistemology - methodical paradigm shifts, current developments in funding and publication systems and how they influence our knowledge about the world

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