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M02 A Ethics in the Context of Politics and Law

030053 KU (REMOTE) Political basic rights
030109 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Human Rights II - Special Issues
030205 VO (REMOTE) Justice
030246 SE (REMOTE) Dimensions of the Political: Questions of the Common Good - Seminar for diploma and doctoral students
030426 KU (REMOTE) Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law - First Part: Antiquity and Middle Ages
030502 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Law and Liberalism I: From Hobbes to Mill - also for diploma and doctoral students
180077 VO (REMOTE) The philosophical foundations of civilizational analysis - Lecture with reading
180104 VO (ON-SITE) Assisted Suicide - Lecture with reading
180106 VO-L (REMOTE) Theories of violence - Philosophical and interdisciplinary perspectives - Lecture with reading
180162 SE (REMOTE) To the idea of freedom - Writings by Kant, Arendt, Fromm and Adorno
180170 SE (REMOTE) Neoliberalism
180172 SE (MIXED) On Eternal Peace - Ways of Conflict Managment - Rousseau, Kant, Nussbaum
180173 FS (MIXED) War and peace ethics
180182 KU (REMOTE) Philosophy in Hellenism - Anthropology, ethics and politics
180211 VO (MIXED) Social philosophy - Basic concepts and positions
180228 KU [en] (REMOTE) Language and discrimination
210101 VO (REMOTE) M3: SpezialVO Political Theories and Research on Theory - Democratic principles: freedom, equality, solidarity, popular sovereignty
240099 VO (REMOTESGU) Inequality and Development
240107 VO (ON-SITE) VM7 - One out of Five - Interdisciplinary lecture series focusing on Violence on Women and Children

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