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M02 D Ethics in the Context of Religions and Cultures

020001 VO (REMOTE) Introduction to Islam - History of Islam from Muhammad to the epoch of the Abbasides
030205 VO (REMOTE) Justice
060013 VO (MIXED) Introduction to Judaism
180077 VO (REMOTE) The philosophical foundations of civilizational analysis - Lecture with reading
180094 SE (REMOTE) Philosophy and Old Testament
180180 VO (REMOTE) Religion, worldview, spirituality - philosophische Orientierungen zur Einführung in die Religionsphilosophie
180183 VO (MIXED) Introduction to the Feminist Ethics of Alterity - Lecture with reading
230142 VO (MIXED) Racism in contemporary society - Problems, concepts and empirical research
240107 VO (ON-SITE) VM7 - One out of Five - Interdisciplinary lecture series focusing on Violence on Women and Children

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