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Elective Social Science Module (5 ECTS)

230100 KU (REMOTE) Population Sociology
010080 FS (ON-SITE) Artificial Intelligence
030608 KU (REMOTE) Privacy4Kids
040098 UK (MIXED) SOLV (BA) - Krisen im Spiegelbild unterschiedlicher Theorien
070007 VO (REMOTE) Global History
070052 VO (REMOTE) Contemporary History
070090 VO (REMOTE) Contemporary History
070109 VO (REMOTE) Women's and Gender History
080069 SE (MIXED) B510 Space as a Category in Cultural Analysis: - Raumforschung als Zusammenspiel aus Theorie und Empirie
120011 VO [en] (MIXED) Approaching Cultural Studies
124010 VO [en] (MIXED) Introduction to Cultural Theories
124070 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Culture, Society and the Media - Human and Nonhuman Bodies: Representing Animals, Environments, and Machines in Media
180106 VO-L (REMOTE) Theories of violence - Philosophical and interdisciplinary perspectives - Lecture with reading
233003 UK (MIXED) "Genetics, genomics, post-genomics?" - Bodies, knowledge and society in the era of genetics
233005 UK (MIXED) Nature, Risk, Society - Science, technology and nature in the Anthropocene
240107 VO (ON-SITE) VM7 - One out of Five - Interdisciplinary lecture series focusing on Violence on Women and Children
300058 VO (ON-SITE) Urban Ecology

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