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Block of Elective Modules Chemistry (30 ECTS)

270023 UE (ON-SITE) Inorganic Chemistry Lab course D - Inorganic Chemistry Lab course IIID - Coordination chemistry
270035 VO (REMOTE) Mass Spectrometry
270043 VO (REMOTE) Bioinorganic Chemistry
270045 VO (REMOTE) Posttranslational modifiations on proteins - Biologische Funktionen
270049 VO Advanced NMR Spectroscopy - Methods in NMR Spectroscopy
270052 SE [en] (REMOTE) Chemical Biology
270055 SE (ON-SITE) Symposium Bioinorganic Chemistry - Seminar
270100 UE (ON-SITE) Inorganic Chemistry Lab course A - Inorganic Chemistry Lab course III A - Bioinorganic Chemistry, coordination chemistry
270104 SE (REMOTE) Journal Club Analytical Chemistry - for Master and Diploma Studies
270137 PR (ON-SITE) Peptide and Protein Chemistry
270210 VO NMR Spectroscopy of bio-molecules - Strukturbestimmung von freien und proteingebundenen Kohlehydraten
270212 VO (MIXED) Biomolecular Nanotechnology
270235 SE Seminar in Analytical Chemistry - Lecture and discussion forum of diverse topics in Analytical Chemistry
270297 VO [en] (REMOTE) Receptor-Ligand Interactions

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