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Master Teacher Training Programme: Geography and Economics (196 049, 199 510)

Das Masterstudium Lehramt ist für alle an der Universität Wien angebotenen Unterrichtsfächern seit Oktober 2015 in Kraft. Es baut auf das Bachelorstudium Lehramt konsekutiv auf. Eine Zulassung zum Masterstudium ist erst nach Abschluss des Bachelorstudiums möglich. Eine Anmeldung zu den prüfungsimmanenten Lehrveranstaltungen im Masterstudium ist nur mit Zulassung zum Masterstudium möglich.

290011 VO (MIXED) Paradigms in GW Didactics
290013 PS (MIXED) Making the Curriculum
290014 PS (MIXED) Professionalising Didactics of Economic Education - Exploring the World of Work Beyond the Classroom in situ et in vivo
290123 PS (REMOTE) Addressing Issues of Global Change and the Post-Growth Society in Geography and Economic Education - Globaler Wandel und Postwachstumsgesellschaft im professionalisierten GW-Unterricht
290058 VU (MIXED) Urban and Regional Analysis
290038 VU [en] (MIXED) Basics in Geoecology
290040 VU [en] (MIXED) Landscape Evaluation
290088 VU (MIXED) Population Forcasting in R
290107 VU [en] (MIXED) Decolonising and Diversifying Knowledge - Understanding Different Worldviews and Theoretical Lenses on Environmental Policy, Practice and Science
290120 SE (MIXED) Seminar in Human Geography - Innovation Support in Development Policy: A Response to Global Challenges?
290085 SE (MIXED) Bachelorseminar Spatial Research and Spatial Planning - the Spatiality of Services of General Interest
290018 SE (MIXED) Bachelorseminar in Physical Geography: Selected Topics in Climatology and Hydrology - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Masterstudium)
290103 SE [de en] (MIXED) Seminar in Human Geography - The Complexity of Sustainable Urban Development - the Case of Seestadt Aspern
290271 SE (MIXED) Bachelorseminar Cartography and Geoinformation: Geo-Multimedia - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Masterstudium)
290104 SE (ON-SITE) Seminar in Human Geography - Alpine Space - Transnational and Interregional Linkages
290017 VU (MIXED) Special Topics in Economics - Macroeconomics: Open Goods and Financial Markets from an Economics Perspective
290021 SE (ON-SITE) Seminar in Economics (Macroeconomics) - What the So-Called "Nobel Prize for Economics" Has Been Awarded for - New Findings and Appraisals
040134 UK (REMOTE) History of Economic Policy - from mercantilism to presence
040049 SE [en] (REMOTE) Philosophy and Economics (MA) - Truth, Precision and Certainty; Formal Methods in Economic Theory Seminar Masterprogramm
040173 VO (ON-SITE) Cooperative Business - unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Kooperationen
040175 KU (ON-SITE) Solidary Economic (MA) - Cooperative economy and Cooperatives
290055 SE [de en] (MIXED) Basics for Realizing the Master Thesis
290117 SE (MIXED) Colloquium in Cartography and Geoinformation - (gilt als Privatissimum zur Masterarbeit und Dissertation aus Kartographie und Geoinformation)
450404 SE [de en] (ON-SITE) PhD and MSc Seminar: Physical Geography

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