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MA UF GW 02 Subject-Specific In-Depth Studies Geography (8 ECTS)

Hinweis: um das Modul gemäß Curriculum zu erfüllen, ist ein Seminar (SE) verpflichtend zu absolvieren.

290058 VU (MIXED) Urban and Regional Analysis
290038 VU [en] (MIXED) Basics in Geoecology
290040 VU [en] (MIXED) Landscape Evaluation
290088 VU (MIXED) Population Forcasting in R
290107 VU [en] (MIXED) Decolonising and Diversifying Knowledge - Understanding Different Worldviews and Theoretical Lenses on Environmental Policy, Practice and Science
290120 SE (MIXED) Seminar in Human Geography - Innovation Support in Development Policy: A Response to Global Challenges?
290085 SE (MIXED) Bachelorseminar Spatial Research and Spatial Planning - the Spatiality of Services of General Interest
290018 SE (MIXED) Bachelorseminar in Physical Geography: Selected Topics in Climatology and Hydrology - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Masterstudium)
290103 SE [de en] (MIXED) Seminar in Human Geography - The Complexity of Sustainable Urban Development - the Case of Seestadt Aspern
290271 SE (MIXED) Bachelorseminar Cartography and Geoinformation: Geo-Multimedia - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Masterstudium)
290104 SE (ON-SITE) Seminar in Human Geography - Alpine Space - Transnational and Interregional Linkages

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