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TR-DD-04 Simultaneous Interpreting (10 ECTS)

340155 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Simultaneous Interpreting I: English
340286 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Simultaneous Interpreting I: English
340215 UE [fr] (ON-SITE) Simultaneous Interpreting I: French
340226 UE [it] (ON-SITE) Simultaneous Interpreting I: Italian
340278 UE [ro] (ON-SITE) Simultaneous Interpreting I: Romanian
340302 UE [es] (ON-SITE) Simultaneous Interpreting I: Spanish
340134 UE [cs] (ON-SITE) Simultaneous Interpreting I: Czech
340221 UE [zh] (ON-SITE) Legal Translation: Chinese
340380 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Legal Translation: English
340078 UE [fr] (ON-SITE) Legal Translation: French
340132 UE [it] (REMOTE) Legal Translation: Italian
340391 UE [ja] (MIXED) Legal Translation: Japanese
340274 UE [pl] (REMOTE) Legal Translation: Polish
340175 UE [pt] (MIXED) Legal Translation: Portuguese
340143 UE [ro] (MIXED) Legal Translation: Romanian
340233 UE [ru] (MIXED) Legal Translation: Russisch
340009 UE [es] (ON-SITE) Legal Translation: Spanish
340099 UE [cs] (MIXED) Legal Translation: Czech
340345 UE [hu] (ON-SITE) Legal Translation: Hungarian
340222 UE [zh] (ON-SITE) Business Translation: Chinese
340311 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Business Translation: English
340257 UE [fr] (ON-SITE) Business Translation: French
340122 UE [it] (MIXED) Business Translation: Italian
340228 UE [ja] (MIXED) Business Translation: Japanese
340107 UE [pl] (ON-SITE) Business Translation: Polish
340018 UE [pt] (MIXED) Business Translation: Portuguese
340263 UE [ro] (MIXED) Business Translation: Romanian
340111 UE [ru] (ON-SITE) Business Translation: Russian
340253 UE [es] (ON-SITE) Business Translation: Spanish
340248 UE [cs] (MIXED) Business Translation: Czech
340121 UE [hu] (ON-SITE) Business Translation: Hungarian

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