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PM4 Individual Specialisation (30 ECTS)

010006 VO Basic Course Church History I - The first christian millenium
030393 SE Women in the History of International Law: absent or invisible - Seminar for diploma and doctoral students
040013 KU [en] Financial History (MA)
060026 SE (REMOTE) Combatting Antisemitism
070067 SE Seminar - Working in Vienna (19th and 20th centuries) - Framing conditions, lines of development and data
070149 SE Seminar - Court Society in Early Modern Europe - Politics, Sociability and Culture
070152 SE Seminar - "No neutral men?" - Internationale Beamt*innen als historische Akteur*innen
070294 EX Field Trip - Vienna 17th century - Das "Who is Who" des Wiener Hoflebens im 1. Bezirk
070298 SE [en] Past meets Present - National Socialism, Colonialism, and Identity in Four Viennese Historical Museums
070299 VO Lecture - Conceptions of Man, conceptions of the Enemy - Political representations of the self and the other
070369 SE (MIXED) Seminar
090092 SE Plethon's ontology, ethics and political philosophy - (can be counted as thesis seminar)
100200 KO Konversatorium (Advanced Exercise Class) Medieval and Early German Literature - Einführung in die Methoden der Computer Vision und der Materialanalyse
210182 VO (REMOTE) Health. A society in crisis?
240108 SE Seminar Individual Specialisation II - Queere und Trans*Reproduktion, Familie und Verwandtschaft

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