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Master Global History and Global Studies (805 [3] - Version 2019)

070118 UE Foreign Languages in Historical Studies - French - "Faire l’Europe sans défaire la France" : projets français d’unification européenne de Sully à Macron (17e - 21e siècles)
030006 SE (REMOTE) Law of the Christian East - Orthodoxy before the challenges of modernity (for diploma and doctoral students)
090092 SE Plethon's ontology, ethics and political philosophy - (can be counted as thesis seminar)
142149 VO [en] The Tibetan science of healing (gso ba rig pa) - Its fundamentals and perception of female disorders (mo nad)
143086 VO Conflicts, Politics and the Sphere of the Everyday in Southern Africa: - Trajectories through the 19th and 20th Centuries
150006 SE Seminar (Politics, Economy, Law) (EC) - Politics, economy and law in post-1997 Hong Kong
150025 SE Social Sciences Seminar - COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan: Visions of Post-Corona Society in Japan’s Debates on Pandemic Management
150065 VO (REMOTE) China and East Asia (M4)
150131 SE [en] Contextualizing Hong Kong - within and in-between the local societies and the global city
010094 VO (MIXED) Intercultural Philosophy
030076 SE From serfdom to slavery - Liberty and Non-Liberty in a global perspective
030393 SE Women in the History of International Law: absent or invisible - Seminar for diploma and doctoral students
060026 SE (REMOTE) Combatting Antisemitism
070152 SE Seminar - "No neutral men?" - Internationale Beamt*innen als historische Akteur*innen
070293 VO Lecture - Public History - Public History und interdisziplinäre Geschichtsvermittlung unter Berücksichtigung ausgewählter Themen
070299 VO Lecture - Conceptions of Man, conceptions of the Enemy - Political representations of the self and the other
080092 SE (MIXED) M210 Space:
210132 VO M8: SpezialVO Gender and Politics - Feminist Democracy Theories
210182 VO (REMOTE) Health. A society in crisis?
230143 SE (REMOTE) Sustainable Consumption
240054 SE VM5 / VM1 - Frantz Fanon and Fanonism - Colonialism, theories of political liberation and emancipation movements
240057 VO Commodities and Development: Current Issues and Historical Context - Globale Warenketten und ungleiche Entwicklung
240108 SE Seminar Individual Specialisation II - Queere und Trans*Reproduktion, Familie und Verwandtschaft
240109 VO Elective Subjects in Master's Programme Gender Studies - Romani Feminismus und Partizipation von Rom*nja
290065 SE [en] Migration and Population Dynamics in the Context of Global Change and Development - Research Design, Implementation and Analysis
330002 SE [en] (REMOTE) Nutrition in Developing Countries - Gender, Nutrition & Development
330016 VO (MIXED) Econutrition (Population, Environment and Nutrition) - Nutrient ecology in research
330033 VO [en] (REMOTE) Global Nutrition
030072 KU [en] Law Crossing Borders
030194 KU (REMOTE) Islam in Europe - (Issues from) Legal history and contemporory legal developments
030359 KU [en] Selected Issues of International Law and Development - Human Rights, Institutions, International Economic Law
030441 KU [en] (REMOTE) Rethinking modern international law
030559 KU Globalisation and Legal Pluralism - Migration und human trafficking
030702 KU (REMOTE) Introduction into the Philosophy of Law and State of the Modern Age - Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law II
040013 KU [en] Financial History (MA)
070283 UE Methodological Course - What does environment history mean? - Transdisciplinary and transregional perspectives
080009 VU (MIXED) M320 Cultural Practices and Semiosis in Everyday Life: - Human smuggling, sheperding, helping. Theory and Praxis of irregular migration facilitation
143221 KU Racism on the Bookshelf. - Libraries as Places of Anti-Racist and Critical Debate in the Field of Tension between the Processing of Knowledge and the Reproduction of Stereotypical Images of Africa.
150112 PS When Land Becomes Capital - Property Rights at the Center of China's Development Strategies
150135 VU [en] (REMOTE) History of East Asia
230152 SE Conveying research findings to the media - Science communication
230175 UE (REMOTE) Digital Ethnography
240052 VO+UE [de en] VM2 / VM6 - Commodity Frontiers - Insights into an emerging research field
240107 UE Guided Reading - Arbeit, Protest und Geschlecht
290064 UE [en] Key Methods in Analysing Migration and Population Dynamics - In the Context of Global Change and Development I
070073 UE Proposal-Workshop - The writing of proposals for a master thesis and other academic qualification texts: Form and contents
070075 SE [en] Research Seminar - Global History - The Black Death in Global Perspective
240095 FS FM2 - Research Seminar (Part 2) - Covid-19 and Indigenous Peoples
070087 SE Master Seminar
070279 SE Master Seminar

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