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PM4b Electives - Special Topics: Contemporary History and Media (21 ECTS)

Achtung: Für eine erfolgreiche Absolvierung des Moduls müssen 8 ECTS aus Zeitgeschichte und 13 ECTS aus den anderen Bereichen absolviert worden sein und darüber hinaus muss sich unter den 21 ECTS mindestens ein SE Seminar zu 8 ECTS befinden (siehe Curriculum).

Ebenso wichtig: Eine Leistung iZm einer VO, VU, KU, UE, WS, PS oder Ähnliches zählt nicht als eine Leistung aus einem SE Seminar.

060026 SE (REMOTE) Combatting Antisemitism
070293 VO Lecture - Public History - Public History und interdisziplinäre Geschichtsvermittlung unter Berücksichtigung ausgewählter Themen
070298 SE [en] Past meets Present - National Socialism, Colonialism, and Identity in Four Viennese Historical Museums
070299 VO Lecture - Conceptions of Man, conceptions of the Enemy - Political representations of the self and the other
080009 VU (MIXED) M320 Cultural Practices and Semiosis in Everyday Life: - Human smuggling, sheperding, helping. Theory and Praxis of irregular migration facilitation
080074 VO (MIXED) B430 Special Theories: City and Photography - Historical and Contemporary Practices and Representations of Urban Societies
080075 VO (REMOTE) B230 Special Fields: - Fragestellungen - Methoden - Anwendungsgebiete
080087 PS (MIXED) B410 Theories of Culture
080092 SE (MIXED) M210 Space:
143221 KU Racism on the Bookshelf. - Libraries as Places of Anti-Racist and Critical Debate in the Field of Tension between the Processing of Knowledge and the Reproduction of Stereotypical Images of Africa.
170310 VO (REMOTE) Lecture: The History of Film - Secrets of a Soul. Freud & Film
170320 VO Lecture: The History of Media - History and theory of Queer Computing
170600 SE MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - The element fire in the arts
170610 SE MA 1.2. "Processes of Theatricality and Mediality" - Stand-up comedians and cabaret artists. Art figures, themes and the media
170612 SE MA 1.2. "Processes of Theatricality and Mediality" - Wellness, fitness, mindfulness. Technologies of the self and of media in late capitalism
170732 UE Media of History - Dialectical images and artistic research
210062 VO (MIXED) BAK9: SpezialVO Political Theories and Research on Theories - What is Christian Democracy? Genealogy of a European ideology
210080 VO BAK13: SpezialVO State Activity, Policy and Governance Analyses - Theories of Party Competition
210121 VO M5: SpezialVO EU and Europeanisation - The Europeanization of the Member States of the EU and its External Dimension
210132 VO M8: SpezialVO Gender and Politics - Feminist Democracy Theories
210137 VO (REMOTE) M10: SpezialVO Culture and Politics - Image Politics: Political Iconology
210182 VO (REMOTE) Health. A society in crisis?
230127 SE Reading Seminar: Karl Polanyi - The Great Transformation - The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Societies and Economic Systems
230130 VO (MIXED) Sociological methodology and methods - Basics, critique, and new developments in empirical research
230175 UE (REMOTE) Digital Ethnography

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