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Elective Courses

Sie finden weitere Wahlfächer im Lehrangebot der Studienprogrammleitung 3 - Rechtswissenschaften!

030036 KU [en] (ON-SITE) European Competition Procedures - Procedural Law of EU Competition cases and before the ECJ
030048 KU (REMOTE) E-Commerce
030049 KU (REMOTE) Cyber Criminal Law I
030050 KU (REMOTE) Basics of empirical research - How to collect and interpret empirical data concerning criminology
030057 KU (REMOTE) E-Government
030060 VO (REMOTE) Patent Law - Technical IP Rights - Patents and Utility Models
030094 VO (ON-SITE) The Chinese conception of human rights - Hist. Background and present outlook
030102 VO (MIXED) Hegel´s Philosophy of Law: An Introduction - Eine Ringvorlesung mit Gästen
030109 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Human Rights II - Special Issues
030123 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Anglo-American Legal English III - Tort Law, Family Law, Law of Succession, Real Estate Law
030142 KU (MIXED) Legal Informatics - Legal Information Systems, Legal Tech, Artificial Intelligence and Law, Privacy & Data Governance
030143 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Anglo-American Legal English V - Constitutional, Administrative, Antitrust/Cartel Law
030223 KU (ON-SITE) Personality Rights - of private individuals and celebrities; authors; artists
030233 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Legal Writing
030244 VO [en] (REMOTE) European Union Internal Market Law
030292 VO (REMOTE) Genetics and Law
030297 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Public Markets, Securities Regulation and Corporate Governance - A Comparative EU and US Approach
030339 KU (ON-SITE) Television- and Radio-Broadcasting Law - Legal provisions for radio and audiovisual media services (domestic law - like ORF-Act, Audiovisual Media Services-Act, Privat Radio-Act etc. and European Union Law background)
030388 KU [en] (REMOTE) Comparative Law of Religion - With study trip to Charles University in Prague
030426 KU (REMOTE) Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law - First Part: Antiquity and Middle Ages
030440 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Anglo-American Legal English I - Introduction to the Legal System of the US, Contracts, Company/Corporate Law
030441 KU [en] (REMOTE) Rethinking modern international law
030448 KU (REMOTE) Esports Law
030472 MC [en] (ON-SITE) European Law Moot Court Competition
030481 KU (ON-SITE) Startup Clinic
030502 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Law and Liberalism I: From Hobbes to Mill - also for diploma and doctoral students
030525 KU [en] (ON-SITE) English for Lawyers (USA) - An Intoduction to the Anglo-American Legal System (s) and to Anglo-American Legal English
030526 KU [en] (ON-SITE) EU Judicature
030540 KU [en] (REMOTE) Introduction to Legal English for Erasmus Students -English Language in European & International Law - Gilt als C1 Sprachnachweis - für Erasmus Outgoing - Studierende
030547 KU [fr] (ON-SITE) Introduction to Legal French for Erasmus-Outgoings - Gilt als C1 Sprachnachweis - für Erasmus Studierende
030594 KU [en] (REMOTE) International Legal English II
030620 KU (ON-SITE) Startup Clinic in Practice
030624 KU (ON-SITE) Refugee Law Clinic in Practice
030661 KU [de en] (ON-SITE) European security law - EU security law - The central legal questions of the "European Security Architecture" are in the focus
380011 VO (MIXED) Recent court decisions on business register law - Nur für Dissertant*innen
380027 KU (MIXED) Privatissimum for doctoral students and international fellows - für Dissertant*innen und internationale Fellows von Herrn Professor Vec

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