Universität Wien

Alternative compulsory module Aspects and Regions (15 ECTS)

070109 VO (REMOTE) Women's and Gender History
070217 VO (REMOTE) Austrian History I
070056 VO (REMOTE) Austrian History II
070112 VO (REMOTE) Austrian History II
070301 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Political History - Drum for the Republic - The "Republikanische Schutzbund" and the "Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold"
070103 VO (REMOTE) Eastern European History
070007 VO (REMOTE) Global History
070099 VO (REMOTE) Further Approaches - vom Mittelalter bis zum 21.Jahrhundert
070070 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Cultural History - Rivers and their biographies - Riverdiscourses and transcultural flow in history
070102 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading East European History - Crimean History - from the First to the Second Russian Annexation (1783-2014)
070238 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Further Approaches - Foundation of the post-Ottoman world - The Conference and Treaty of Lausanne

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