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Bachelor Earth Sciences (615 [3] - Version 2014) - discontinued

Äquivalenzverordnung zum Curriculum für das Bachelorstudium Erdwissenschaften (Version 2014): https://mtbl.univie.ac.at/storage/media/mtbl02/2019_2020/2019_2020_188.pdf

Orientation Course

Introductory and Orientation Period (17 ECTS)

BA-ERD-1 STEOP The Earth System (7 ECTS)

BA-ERD-2 STEOP Chemistry I (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-3 STEOP Mathematics I (5 ECTS)

Compulsory Modules (153 ECTS)

BA-ERD-4 Mineralogy and Crystallography (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-5 Fundamentals of Biology (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-6 Special Mineralogy (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-7 Mathematics II (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-8 Chemistry II (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-9 Macroscopic Identification of Rocks (4 ECTS)

BA-ERD-10 Geological Chartography (4 ECTS)

BA-ERD-11 Palaeontology (10 ECTS)

BA-ERD-12 Chemical Laboratory (4 ECTS)

BA-ERD-13 Physics (9 ECTS)

BA-ERD-14 Rock Optical Microscopy (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-15 Practical Course in Geological Mapping for Mining (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-16 Earth History and Stratigraphy (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-17 Introduction in Hydrogeology und Environmental Pollutants (8 ECTS)

BA-ERD-18 Petrology of Crystalline Rocks (7 ECTS)

BA-ERD-19 Structural Geology and Tectonics (7 ECTS)

BA-ERD-20 Regional Geology (4 ECTS)

BA-ERD-21 Biogenic Sediments and Geology of Hydrocarbons (10 ECTS)

BA-ERD-22 Special Mineralogy of Ore and Industrial Minerals (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-23 Mathematics III (4 ECTS)

BA-ERD-24 Micropalaeontology (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-25 Geochemical Evolution of the Earth (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-26 Introduction in Hydrochemistry and Environmental Chemistry (7 ECTS)

BA-ERD-27 Bachelor-Thesis (10 ECTS)

BA-ERD-28 Individual In-Depth Studies (10 ECTS)

280086 SE MA-ERD-W-1.1 Geohistorical research and its sources in the 19th and 20th centuries (PI) - The establishment of the disciplines of mineralogy, paleontology, geology and petrology at the University of Vienna

Elective Modules (10 ECTS)

BA-ERD-29.1 Basics in Geophysics 1 (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-29.2 Geological engineering (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-29.3 Applied Mineralogy I (5 ECTS)

BA-ERD-29.4 Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology (5 ECTS)

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