Universität Wien

MEC-9 Individual Specialization (30 ECTS)

300014 VO Aspects of freshwater bioindication - Methods of assessment
300024 SE [en] Advances in Marine Biology, part 2 - Seminars for MS and PhD students in Division Bio-Oceanography
300038 VO [en] The Human Microbiome
300060 UE+EX Limnetic ostracods from Europe - Biodiversity, systematics and bioindication
300072 UE Rhizosphere
300087 UE From viruses to animals - nutritional interactions in the sea - Who eats whom in ten days at the sea
300115 UE DNA Barcoding - A new approach to species identification in ecology and biodiversity research
300119 VO [en] (REMOTE) Bird Ecology
300142 SE [en] Evolutionary Biology - Departmentalseminar for Master- and PhD-Students
300159 VO [de en] Conservation Genetics - (Conservation Genetics)
300163 UE [en] (MIXED) Methods in pollination biology
300171 UE [de en] (ON-SITE) Science Writing & Communication
300175 VO [en] Microbial Oceanography
300176 UE [de en] Diversity and functional attributes of biological communities - along enviromental gradients
300180 SE [en] Plant cell biology - Insights, concepts, challenges
300236 UE [en] Methods in phytosociology - field sampling and data analysis
300261 SE [en] Limnology Seminar II - Fundamental and Applied Research Projects
300268 UE Excursions on vegetation ecology - Excursions on Conservation, Vegetation and Landscape Ecolgy in Austria
300374 UE [de en] Water Framework Directive: Introduction to Macrophyte survey - Practical application
300600 UE [en] Methods of chemodiversity research - Phytochemistry and secondary metabolism

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