Universität Wien

Master Conservation Biology and Biodiversity Management (879 [2] - Version 2021)

300159 VO [de en] Conservation Genetics - (Conservation Genetics)
300008 UE [en] Species distribution modelling - data analysis and modelling
300046 VU [en] (REMOTE) Multivariate statistical methods in ecology - data analysis and modelling
300063 VU (REMOTE) Introduction to GIS: Focus on Nature Conservation - geographic information system
300117 VU [en] Introduction to ecological modelling - data analysis and modelling
300232 VU [en] (MIXED) Introduction to coding in R (VU): A hands-on approach - study design (Investigation Design)
300368 UE [en] Practical data analysis in ecology, biodiversity and zoology - data analysis and modelling
233021 VO [en] Techno-Science and Society: Communicating and Interacting - Central Issues, Questions and Concepts
290012 PR [en] Wetland Analysis
300014 VO Aspects of freshwater bioindication - Methods of assessment
300060 UE+EX Limnetic ostracods from Europe - Biodiversity, systematics and bioindication
300119 VO [en] (REMOTE) Bird Ecology
300226 VO Molecular Biodiversity Research: DNA Barcoding and other methods - Examples from practical application and theoretical basics
300242 UE Habitatmapping - Habitat of cultural landscapes
300268 UE Excursions on vegetation ecology - Excursions on Conservation, Vegetation and Landscape Ecolgy in Austria
300271 UE+EX Management of Protected Sites - large scale nature reserves in Central Europa
300635 UE Ecosystems and Vegetation of natural Landscapes - Fieldcourse Ötschergräben/Gesäuse

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