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FRE: Free Advanced Module: Topics in Musicology (12 ECTS)

In diesem Modul können alle Lehrveranstaltungen, die prinzipiell für den BA Musikwissenschaft anrechenbar sind, absoviert werden.

010046 SE End-time visions in music - Eschatological motives in the works of Mozart, Brahms, Spohr, Messiaen, Orff, Pärt a.o.
160015 UE Reading, Singing and Interpreting Musical Sources - Focussing on "Liber selectarum cantionum" 1520
160021 EX [en] Field Trip to Malawi
160025 UE Musical Instruments and Material Culture Studies - The Collection of "Musical Things" from the 16th to 19th Century in the KHM
160053 VO (REMOTE) African Music II
160061 UE A Longing for Abundance. On the Interdependence of Instrument Making, Composition Practice - and Playing Technique as Part of 19th Century Social Structure
160064 VO (MIXED) Music and Emotion
160069 UE (MIXED) Rio in the Fever of Samba. The Musical Style from Rio de Janeiro's Famous Samba Schools - Captured Between Tradition, Globalization, and Modern Tendencies

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