Universität Wien

Literary Studies (12 ECTS)

480003 KO Colloquium on Literature - The phenomenon of the so-called 'lišnij celovek' in Russian literature
480040 KO ( ON-SITE ) Colloquium on Literature: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian - Introduction to Narratology
480053 KO Colloquium on Literature - Literary Theory: Problems of Texts and Authorship
480054 KO ( REMOTE ) Colloquium on Literature: Slovene - Representations of Nature in contemporary Slovenian literature
480055 KO Colloquium on Literature - Modern central European cultures (Czech, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian) in the shade of totalitarism in the 20th century
480064 KO Colloquium on Literature - Russian Literature in the cinematography of the 20th century
480069 KO ( ON-SITE ) Colloquium on Literature: Polish - The drama in contemporary polish literature
480086 KO Colloquium on Literature - Miloš Crnjanski's Poems - From "Lirika Itake" to "Lament nad Beogradom"

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