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B.1.8.1. Economic Law I (can also be taken as a minor)

Es können LVs im Ausmaß vpn 20 ECTS gewählt werden

040018 UK (ON-SITE) Employment and Social Law
040046 UK (ON-SITE) Transfer Pricing
040057 KU [en] (MIXED) International Trade Law (MA)
040104 UK (ON-SITE) Law of Corporate Groups
040106 UK (ON-SITE) Law of Private Trusts
040116 UK (ON-SITE) Collective and Association Law
040149 UK (ON-SITE) Intellectual Property Rights
040461 UK (ON-SITE) RdW: Insurance Law
040462 UK (ON-SITE) Legal Framework of Auditing
040463 UK (ON-SITE) Tenancy & Real Estate Law
040466 UK (ON-SITE) International Tax Law
040469 UK (ON-SITE) Insolvency Law
040470 UK (ON-SITE) Public Commercial Law
040479 UK [deen] (ON-SITE) Legal Issues of Corporate Governance

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