Universität Wien

M5 Project- and Research Module (25 ECTS)

010074 FS (MIXED) Heideggers Wegmarken
010099 FS Aktuelle Ansätze der Christlichen Sozialethik - Diplomand*innen-, Dissertant*innen- und Habilitand*innenseminar
180071 SE Philosophy of Language considering Language Disorders - Philosophical Reflections of Aphasia
180074 SE (ON-SITE) Challenges of Critique
180080 FS [en] Cross-Disciplinary Research Retreat - Collective learning: Cross-disciplinary training for Master-students Philosophy
180121 SE Project
180136 SE [en] Reasons
180182 SE Climate ethics
180208 SE [en] (ON-SITE) The Nature of Language
410007 SE [de en] (ON-SITE) Interdisciplinary Seminar History and Philosophy of Modern Science and Humanities - Historiography and Methodology of an Interdisciplinary Research Field

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