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PM4 Extension, Individual Emphasis (23 ECTS)

030006 SE (REMOTE) Law of the Christian East - War and Peace from the point of view of Orthodoxy
030072 KU [en] Law Crossing Borders
030078 SE Mapping Legal Systems - A Critical Reading of John H. Wigmore's "Panorama of the Legal Systems of the World"
030218 KU [en] Transitional Justice
030559 KU Globalisation and Legal Pluralism (Specialisation) - Multiculturalism and Multilingualism
070099 VO Further Approaches - Eastern Europe in the Interwar Period - Between Democracy and Royal Dictatorship
070294 SE Seminar on History (Master) - Ideentransfers zwischen West- und Südosteuropa
133342 PS Proseminar: Heterotopias, In-Between Spaces, Places of Longing - Island (Hi)Stories and Identities in the Baltic Sea Region
210088 VO BAK15: SpezialVO East European Studies - The transformations of Central and Eastern Europe since 1989
210134 SE [en] M9: Eastern European Studies - Methodological Approaches to Comparative and Area Studies (engl.)
210135 SE [en] M9: Eastern European Studies - Democratic and authoritarian innovations in the eastern EU member states
230143 VO [de en] Political Sociology
230146 SE Urban care and social inequality - Strangers / * / LGBTQ / * / Precarious Residential Areas / * / Caring and Materialities
230150 VO Cultural Sociology of Inclusion/Exclusion - Symbolische Grenzziehungen im Fokus der Ungleichheitsforschung
240057 VO Commodities and Development: Current Issues and Historical Context - Globale Warenketten und ungleiche Entwicklung
480063 KO Colloquium on Literature and Cultural Studies - Russian Lyric of the 20th century: Reading and Interpretation
480082 KO Colloquium on Literature and Cultural Studies - The Golden(?) Sixties
480084 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Slavic liturgical writing in Medieval Ages: aspects of language and textual history
480102 KO Colloquium on Literature and Cultural Studies - Modernism in Croatian film

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