Universität Wien

Alternative compulsory module Aspects and Regions (15 ECTS)

070283 VO History of Science - Wissenschaften, Kolonialismus und die Vermessung der Körper
070280 VO Global History
070082 VO Lecture - Public History - Fokus Institutionen und Praktiken
070099 VO Further Approaches - Eastern Europe in the Interwar Period - Between Democracy and Royal Dictatorship
070123 UE [en] Guided Reading Global History - Narratives in Conflict - Nationalisms and State- and Nation-building in the Union of Burma/Myanmar
070225 UE Guided Reading Austrian History 2 - Austrian contemporary history in public academic presentations
070300 UE Guided Reading History of Science - Criticism of Science - Wissenschaft, Fotografie und Kolonialismen

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