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M02 A Areas of Ethics: Politics and Law

030044 SE (REMOTE) Seminar on Legal Philosophy: Fighting Terrorism - a Challenge to the Rule of Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030076 KU (REMOTE) Political basic rights
030109 KU [en] (MIXED) Human Rights II - Special Issues
180048 KU (REMOTE) Philosophy of Human RIghts
180050 SE (ON-SITE) Power and Subject in Foucault
180077 SE [en] Blockchain-Governance
180136 SE [en] Reasons
180137 KU Shaped Realities - Interactions of media, technology, the individual and society from antiquity to the digital age
180182 SE Climate ethics
180184 VO-L (ON-SITE) Theories of violence
210101 VO (ON-SITE) M3: SpezialVO Political Theories and Research on Theory - Politics of the performative. Void Event Alterity
240009 PS [en] (ON-SITE) Reading Anthropological Texts
240107 VO (ON-SITE) VM7 - One out of Five - Violence in the health sector

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