Universität Wien FIND

UF BU 10 Optional subjects (0-10 ECTS)

300017 VO Intro. lect. on horticultural plant physiol. (LA) - Introductory lectures on the basics of the eco-physiological-horticultural training course
300027 VO [de en] Fundamentals in Limnology
300036 VO [en] Molecular Evolution
300096 EX Zoological basic excursions - (parallel courses)
300133 VO Evolution
300173 SE Research in Austrian nature reserves - Lecture series in cooperation with the Austrian Zoological-Botanical Society
300385 VO Woman in science - (Gender)
300433 VO Medical parasitology - Transfer of basic knowledge
300482 VO The world of mites - morphology, biology, ecology, phylogeny, medical and commercial relevance
300495 VO Ecophysiology
300498 UE+EX Eco-physiol.-horticultural training course (LA) - Eco-physiological-horticultural training course (LA), applied ecology (can be selected only together with theoretical introduction 300017).
300499 VO Voices of Austrian birds - Introduction to the songs and calls of Austrian birds
300536 UE [de en] (MIXED) Genetics and Molecular Biology

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