Universität Wien FIND

MNB6 Individual Specialisation (15 ECTS)

300014 VO (ON-SITE) Aspects of freshwater bioindication - Methods of assessment
300064 VU Biology of the european rotifers and cladocerans - Systematics, biology and ecology of the limnetic and marin rotifers and cladocerans of Europe
300173 SE Research in Austrian nature reserves - Lecture series in cooperation with the Austrian Zoological-Botanical Society
300226 VO Molecular Biodiversity Research: DNA Barcoding and other methods - Examples from practical application and theoretical basics
300238 VO Habitatmapping - Assessment of conservation value
300242 UE Habitatmapping - Habitat of cultural landscapes
300271 UE+EX Management of Protected Sites - large scale nature reserves in Central Europa
300349 UE (REMOTE) Project Management for Ecologists - Planning, Executing and Evaluating interdisciplinary Projects
300433 VO Medical parasitology - Transfer of basic knowledge
300635 UE Ecosystems and Vegetation of natural Landscapes - Fieldcourse Ötschergräben/Gesäuse

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