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Bachelor Physics (676 [3] - Version 2018)

In addition to the online registration, personal attendance at the preliminary meeting or first unit of the courses is absolutely necessary! If you are unable to attend, please inform the course administration in good time (i.e. before the course), otherwise your place in the course may be given to another student.

Only for students whose first admission to the Bachelor's degree programme in Physics/ Astronomy/ Meteorology begins with the summer semester 2023: The two courses 260144 "Preparation course StEOP 1 for beginners - in the summer term 2023" and 260040 "Preparation course StEOP 2 for beginners - in the summer term 2023" accompany the independent preparation of the material for the StEOP module examinations. Here you will find these two courses: https://ufind.univie.ac.at/en/vvz_sub.html?semester=2023S&path=286383

From now on you will see a display of the recommended study path in the exam pass in u:space. The study path is part of your curriculum and divides it into semesters. It shows you in which semester and in which order you should ideally complete the individual modules of the curriculum.
With WiSe23/24, the allocation in the registration system will probably also take place on the basis of the recommended study path. You can find more information on this at: https://ssc-physik.univie.ac.at/studieren/bsc-physik-version-2018/semesterplan/

Group of compulsory modules A (15 ECTS)

StEOP Introductory and Orientation Period (15 ECTS)

StEOP 1 Experimental Physics I: Classical Mechanics and Thermodynamics (8 ECTS)

StEOP 2 Introduction to Calculus(7 ECTS)

Group of compulsory modules B (139 ECTS)

LINALG Linear Algebra for Physicists (7 ECTS)

ANA I Analysis for Physicists I (8 ECTS)

E II Experimental Physics II: Optics, Electromagnetism and Relativity (8 ECTS)

EEA Introduction to Experimental Working (4 ECTS)

T I Theoretical Physics I: Classical Mechanics (9 ECTS)

260011 VO Theoretical Physics I - Classical Mechanics
260055 UE [ de en ] Theoretical Physics I

ANA II Analysis for Physicists II (8 ECTS)

T II Theoretical Physics II: Electrodynamics (9 ECTS)

LP I Introductory Physics Lab Course I (6 ECTS)

PROG Programming for Physicists (6 ECTS)

ANA III Analysis for Physicists III (8 ECTS)

FFP Research at the Faculty of Physics (1 ECTS)

E III Experimental Physics III: Quantum Mechanics, Atom- and Nuclear Physics(8 ECTS)

260108 PUE [ en de ] Experimental Physics III: Quantum Mechanics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics - Quanta, atoms and nuclei

T III Theoretical Physics III: Quantum Mechanics (9 ECTS)

LP II Introductory Physics Lab Course II (9 ECTS)

260259 LP Lab Course II

E IV Experimental Physics IV: Condensed Matter (8 ECTS)

T IV Theoretical Physics IV: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (9 ECTS)

SFSK Soft Skills (5 ECTS)

260029 SE Scientific publishing and presentation - only for Bachelor students
260125 SE Supplementary Seminar: Introductory and Orientation Period, B II (SoSe) - für Sophomores der UE Experimantalphysik II

ERGB Extension/Supplement (10 ECTS)

260130 SE [ en ] Seminar in special topics in relativity - weak gravitational fields

BACHSE Bachelor Seminar (7 ECTS)

Group of compulsory modules C (5 ECTS)

SCICOM Scientific Computing (5 ECTS)

260098 PUE [ en ] Scientific Computing

DSC Data Science for Physicists (5 ECTS)

Group of elective modules A (14 ECTS)

WPF 1 Computational Physics (7 ECTS)

WPF 2 Classical and Quantum Optics (7 ECTS)

WPF 3 Quantum Information (7 ECTS)

260037 PUE [ en ] Quantum Information

WPF 4 Advanced Materials (7 ECTS)

260005 VO [ en ] Advanced Materials
260018 PUE [ en ] Advanced Materials

WPF 5 Nanotechnology: Concepts, Methods, Materials (7 ECTS)

WPF 6 Introduction to Partical Physics (7 ECTS)

WPF 7 Introduction to Theory of Relativity (7 ECTS)

WPF 8 Introduction to Nuclear Physics (7 ECTS)

WPF 9 Aersol Physics (7 ECTS)

Group of elective modules B (7 ECTS)

WLP 1 Lab-Course: Computational Statistical Mechanics (7 ECTS)

WLP 2 Lab-Course: Computational Quantum Mechanics (7 ECTS)

WLP 3 Lab-Course: Classical and Quantum Optics (7 ECTS)

WLP 4 Lab-Course: Advanced Materials (7 ECTS)

Lab-Course: Nanotechnology: Concepts, Methods, Materials (7 ECTS)

WLP 6 Lab-Course: Nuclear Physics (7 ECTS)

WLP 7 Lab-Course: Aerosol Physics (7 ECTS)

260013 LP [ de en ] Lab-Course: Aerosolphysik

WLP 8 Lab-Course: Introductory Electronics Lab Course for Experimental Physics(7 ECTS)

WLP 9 Lab-Course: Electronic Data Acquisition and Automation in Laboratories (7 ECTS)

WLP 10 Lab-Course: Theoretical Physics (7 ECTS)

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