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5.1. Competence in a Foreign Language for Specific Purposes

030036 KU [en] European Competition Procedures - Procedural Law of EU Competition cases and before the ECJ
030037 KU [fr] The Relationship Between the State and Religions - Degrees of Separation in Europe
030039 KU [en] (REMOTE) Comparative Constitutional Studies - Heads of States
030045 MC [en] (MIXED) CDRC-VIAC-IBA- Mediation and Negotiation Competition - Focus on Mediation
030050 SE [en] International Criminal Justice - for undergraduade and graduade students
030072 KU [en] Law Crossing Borders
030132 KU [en] The Austrian Legal System - an overview - for Erasmus incomings
030142 KU [en] Legal Informatics - Legal Information Systems, Legal Tech, Artificial Intelligence and Law, IT-Law
030198 KU [en] Mediation for Lawyers
030218 KU [en] Transitional Justice
030227 MC [en] (MIXED) CDRC-VIAC-IBA- Mediation and Negotiation Competition - Focus on Negotiation
030238 SE [en] Seminar in International Law: International Investment Law and the Rule of Law - for undergraduate and graduate students
030262 KU [en] (REMOTE) International Legal English II
030297 KU [en] Public Markets, Securities Regulation and Corporate Governance - A Comparative EU and US Approach
030379 MC [en] Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court - Part 2 - Part 2 is dedicated to the preparation of the oral pleadings from 17 to 21 April in Jaen, Spain, and afterwards to the writing of diploma seminar papers based on the topics of the Manfred Lachs Moot Court case
030416 SE [de en] EU Energy Law: Foundations and Current Developments - The European Union and Climate Change: Energy Law and Policy
030459 PUE [en] Discovering the legal reasoning behind the ECJ case law - Practical exercises in preparation for the written exams in EU law
030525 KU [en] Introduction to Anglo-American Legal English (formerly known as English for Lawyers) - A systematic first insight into the quintessential terminology and concepts of Anglo-American law and language
030533 KU [en] Introduction to US Law
030541 KU [en] (MIXED) Comparative Constitutional Studies - The Austrian Constitution in an International Setting
030566 MC [en] Ius Commune Moot Court - Imperial Aulic Council
030567 MC [en] Jewish Law Moot Court - The Rabbinic Tribunal of Prague
030577 KU [en] (REMOTE) International Legal English II
030580 KU [en] Private Law Theory
030590 SE [de en] (MIXED) Transnational Organised Crime: Organised Crime, Criminal Procedure, and Prisons, Part 2 of 2 - seminar for diploma and doctoral students
030594 KU [en] (REMOTE) International Legal English I - English for law students
030600 KU [en] (REMOTE) Introduction to European Union Law
030601 KU [en] (REMOTE) Free Movement of Persons in European Union Law - Workers, establishment, services and Union citizenship
030603 SE [en] (REMOTE) Seminar in European Union Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030619 KU [en] (REMOTE) International Legal English II
030623 MC [en] PAX Moot Court - Moot Court for International Civil Procedure and Private International Law
030652 KU [en] EU Constitutional Law: The Evolving Constitution of the European Union - Structures, Principles and Recent Developments
030678 KU [en] Ukraine & International Law - Turns to history in international & constitutional law
030682 KU [fr] Legal French I - Domestic courts systems
030686 KU [en] Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Legal Arguments: Comparative Case Studies - An Introduction to Logic in Legal Argumentation
030703 KU [en] Anglo-American Legal English IV - Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Anti-trust Law US, UK, Austria
030725 KU [en] Anglo-American Legal English II - US/UK/Austrian Commercial law, Civil Prodecures, ADR, Labo(u)r law - eligible for Vienna LLP
030758 KU [en] M & A International Part II - Competition Law (cartel-agreements, mergers) - Gesellschaftsrecht und Kartellrecht
030761 MC [en] Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot - Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (open for Erasmus students)
030789 SE [en] Advanced research seminar in international dispute settlement - for the presentation of dissertation projects (for doctoral students)
030811 KU [en] International Economic Law - Trade, Investment, Finance and Tax
030823 KU [en] Language Beyond Law - The Vehicle Talking Center Stage: On Laying down, Understanding, Conveying the Law
030830 MC [en] Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition - Master Candidates
030832 KU [en] Anglo-American Legal English VI - US/UK/Austrian Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, Insurance Law - Eligible for the Vienna LLP
030835 SE [en] Business and Human Rights - for undergraduate and graduate students

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