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Group of Compulsory Modules (16 ECTS)

480027 VO Literature and Culture Studies - Nikolaus Lenau and Slavic Literatures
480063 KO Colloquium on Literature and Cultural Studies - Russian Lyric of the 20th century: Reading and Interpretation
480084 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Slavic liturgical writing in Medieval Ages: aspects of language and textual history
480091 VO Historical and Comparative Linguistics - Reading old Slavic texts, Part 2
480099 VO Historical and Comparative Linguistics - Slavic languages of the Early Middle Ages B
480129 KO Colloquim on Lingiustics - Historical West Slavic, South Slavic, East Slavic - a comparative perspective
480065 SE Linguistic Seminar - Sociolinguistics - gender linguistics, politolinguistics, language contact and more
480123 SE Seminar on Literature and Culture - Literary and Art Criticism of the "Silver Age"

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