Universität Wien

6. Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Science and Social Studies of Science

1. Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science

1.1. Introductory Courses

180318 SE Objectivity

1.2. Advanced Courses

1.3. MEi:CogSci -- Middle European Interdisciplinary Joint Masters Program in Cognitive Science

2. Social Studies of Science

2.1. Introduction to Social Studies of Science

230379 SE How science (mis)understands the public--and vice versa? - An introduction to the "Public Understanding of Science"
230380 SE [ en ] (Un)informed patients, re-configured bodies and the politics of life. - An introduction to the field of medicine, technoscience and society
230381 SE [ en ] Tracing the "Social" in Science and the "Scientific" in the Social - An Introduction in Social Structures of Science
230385 VO Scientific institutions and the social structures of science - Introduction to Social Studies of Science I
230386 SE [ en ] Observing science from a different perspective - analyses and reflections on the development of scientific knowledge

2.2. Advanced Social Studies of Science

230383 SE Cyberscience - New options and potentials of the Internet in the scientific field
230387 SE [ en ] "Making futures present" - Future scenarios as resource at the interface of technoscience and society

3. Courses for Doctoral Candidates

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