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A. Degree Programme: History

070286 KU Introduction into the Production of Historical Knowledge and Texts - History of the Holy Roman Empire
070449 KU Introduction into the Production of Historical Knowledge and Texts - Geschichte des Körpers im neuzeitlichen Europa. Strukturen, Prozesse, Diskurse
070527 KU Introduction into the Production of Historical Knowledge and Texts - Migration and Exile in 19th and 20th Century
070139 GR Reading Historiography - The Albanian Question since the 19th Century until the Foundation of Albania
070245 GR Reading Historiography - The Thirty Years War and its Consequences in the Light of Historiography
070293 GR Reading Historiography - Genesis of Modern Capitalism
070454 GR Reading Historiography - National Identity and Gender in the Historiography of Nutrition
070073 KU Text and Discourse Analytical Methods in History - Milovan Djilas' Political Writings
070093 KU Text and Discourse Analytical Methods in History - Reformation and Counterreformation in the Alps-Adriatic-Region
070130 KU Text and Discourse Analytical Methods in History - Education, School and Society in Austria from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century
070418 GR International Cooperation in Latinamerica - Communication between Local Donors and Benefit Recipients
070266 KU "Good Women - Evil Women" - Gender Constructions in Pictorial Sources in the Middle Ages
070458 VO+UE Art History for Historians - an Introduction to the History and Analysis of Visual Media
070526 KU Analysis and Interpretation of Material and Figurative Sources - Documentary Filmmaking in Visual Contemporary and Culture History
070376 KU Informatics and Media in Historical Science - blended learning (combined with a Tutorial)
070474 KU Informatics and Media in History - Wiki-based Collaborative Learning
070475 KU Informatics and Media in History - Epidemic History
070041 VO Archive Law
070421 KU Presentation Techniques - Hungary in the 20th Century
070027 KU Diplomatics - Lecture Course with Exercises
070046 KU Sources of Medieval and Modern History - for Writing Purposes
230385 VO Scientific institutions and the social structures of science - Introduction to Social Studies of Science I
070087 KU Micro History
070461 VO [en] Introduction to Global History - (combined with a Tutorial)
010014 VO Church History Compact I - A Survey of the History of the first Christian Millenium
010158 VO Church History I - Christian Antiquity
070072 KU [en] Wars in Ireland
070112 VO Czechia after the Cold War - (with Lecturers from the University of Prague)
070129 KU Education, School and Society in Austria - from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century
070248 KU Nobility, Economy, Society - in the 18th and 19th Century
070264 VO Women's Diaries in the 19th and 20th Century - within the Research Platform Rethinking Women's and Gender History in the New European Context
070285 VO Basic Course Medieval History, part 1 - Part 2 in Summer Semester (Course)
070297 GK Expansion and Transformation - (in Combination with the Lecture Course)
070359 GR Women`s Diaries in the 19th and 20th Century - (in connection with the Lecture series of the same Title by E. Saurer and Ch. Ehrmann-Hämmerle)
070366 VO From Vision to Reality - Film and Socialism - (combined with a Tutorial)
070371 VO The Heritage of National Socialism - Austrian History after 1945
070374 GR History of Public Authorities - (together with P. Csendes, M. Hochedlinger, R. Jerabek, G. Obersteiner, H. Penz und M. Scheutz)
070378 VO [en] Irish History: Modern and Contemporary Ireland - as Mirrored in specific Works of Prose and Fiction
070380 KU Concept of the Enemy USA? - America's Image in Germany and Austria in the 20th Century
070419 VO The Indian Ocean - The Afro-Asian Mediterranean Sea as a Cultural and Economic Space
070430 KU The Urban Development of Vienna in Modern Times - between Military Requirements and Imperial Representation
070456 VO Expansion and Transformation - Wirtschaftsgeschichte Europas in der Frühen Neuzeit
210072 VO D3, G10: The Power of Movement - Transformation of the Field of Sport
040263 SE Social and Economic History - Innovationsgeschichte
070519 KU Labour Market Orientation II - Communication Processes between Laypersons and Experts: Experiencing, Reflecting, Designing
090091 VO Byzantine history III - : The "Latins" in the Levant
230379 SE How science (mis)understands the public--and vice versa? - An introduction to the "Public Understanding of Science"
230380 SE [en] (Un)informed patients, re-configured bodies and the politics of life. - An introduction to the field of medicine, technoscience and society
230381 SE [en] Tracing the "Social" in Science and the "Scientific" in the Social - An Introduction in Social Structures of Science
230383 SE Cyberscience - New options and potentials of the Internet in the scientific field
230386 SE [en] Observing science from a different perspective - analyses and reflections on the development of scientific knowledge
230387 SE [en] "Making futures present" - Future scenarios as resource at the interface of technoscience and society
070111 FS [de en] Research Seminar: Education and Revolution, part 1 - in 1968 and 50 Years Later in a Globalized World
070121 FS Protestant or Catholic? - The Social, Cultural and Political Impact of the Reformation
070251 FS Research Seminar - (combined with a Tutorial)
070481 FS Research Seminar, part 1 - Public Welfare in 20th Century
070224 SE Interdisciplinary Seminar I - Öffentlichkeit, Privatheit und Intimität: Inhalte und Institutionen, Grenzen und Sphären in Bewegung (17.-21. Jh.)
070390 SE Science and Politics in the 1960s I - The University of Vienna with Special Perspectives on the 'Prague Spring' and the International Congress of Philosophy in Vienna in 1968
070482 SE Seminar of Economic History - The Theory of Business Cycles and Economic Growth
070485 SE Duty to Guilt - Retrieval of Historical Injustice
070114 FPR Research Practice: Italy as a Cultural Model - The 17th Century-Grand Tour
070391 FPR National Socialist Newsreels in Austria 1938 - Propaganda, Power Structures and Patterns of Historic Representation
070163 EX Historical Excursion to the Waldviertel - (combined with the Seminar of A. Schwarcz and G. Lipold)
070489 EX [en] Global Vienna
070517 EX Historical Excursion - Baroque Vienna
070161 PV [de en] Seminar for Diploma Candidates - (together with the University of Prague)
070397 PV Seminar for Diploma and Doctoral Candidates - "Historical Science Studies"
070402 PV Seminar for Doctoral Students of the PhD Program "The Sciences in Historical Context" - (together with the Members of the PhD Program)
070417 PV Seminar for Doctoral Students of the PhD Program "Austrian Galicia and its Multicultural Heritage" - only for students of the PhD Program "Austrian Galicia and its Multicultural Heritage"
070459 PV [en] Graduate Seminar 1

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