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§ 57.2. Philosophy: First Stage of the Degree Programme

180045 VO-L Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy - Introduction to Philosophy
180087 VO-L Introduction to Practical Philosophy - Inttroduction to Philosopy
180178 VO-L History of Philosophy II (Middle Ages and Early Modernity) - Philosophy in the Islamic Cultural Area of the 8th-13th Cent
180201 VO History of Philosophical Ideas - Die großen Philosophen und Ihre Probleme
180355 VO-L History of Philosophy III (Classical Modernity through the 19th Century) - On the Policy of a Non-Philosophy in Feuerbach, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard
180107 VO-GKL Basic Logic - Einführung in die Logik
180115 UE-GKL Exercise in Logic
180207 IK Rhetoric and Theory of Argumentation - Philosophisches Argumentieren
180333 SE [en] Ideas on logic - readings on what philosophers and logicians have thought about logic: its definition, its purpose, its methods
180360 UE-GKL Exercise in Logic
180361 UE-GKL Exercise in Logic
180186 VO Epistemology - Einführung in die Erkenntnislehre
180213 VO Theory of Science - Einführung in die Wissenschaftstheorie
180214 VO Theory of Science - Geschichte des wissenschaftlichen Denkens
180224 PS Media and Knowledge - Models and Model Experiments: On the History of Computer Simulation
180252 VO Mind, brain, behavior - Analytische Philosophie des Geistes, kognitive Neurowissenschaften und Psychoanalyse im interdisziplinären Dialog
180331 VO-L [fr] Knowledge and Society - Encycpédie et ordre des connaissance
180347 VO Theory of Science - Laboratory Life
180351 VO Theory of Science - experiment, test and evidence
180193 VO Right and Morality - Konzepte des Bösen von Kant bis 9/11
180221 SE Politics, Social Philosophy - Globalisierung und Moral
180190 PS Ethics - Metaethik und normative Ethik
180215 PS [en] Ethics - Introduction to Ethics
180216 PS Ethics - J.G. Fichte: Sittenlehre 1798
180217 PS Ethics - Über die Entstehung der Werte

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