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Module A: Representation, Language Symbolism and Gender Construction

070264 VO Women's Diaries in the 19th and 20th Century - within the Research Platform Rethinking Women's and Gender History in the New European Context
070359 GR Women`s Diaries in the 19th and 20th Century - (in connection with the Lecture series of the same Title by E. Saurer and Ch. Ehrmann-Hämmerle)
120109 AR [en] Postcolonial Theory and Practice - Advanced Interdisciplinary Course
140516 VO+UE Body Metaphors as Gender Metaphors - Gendered Subjects VII: Lecture Series
160008 PS Introductory Seminar on Feminist Linguistics - Gender and Discourse
160053 PS The Schlegel and the Shelley Circle: Gender Relationship in the German and English Romantic Era - Gender relations and literary creativity in the Romantic period
180300 SE Queer-Studies

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