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27.03. Teacher Training Programme: Chemistry

270100 UE Inorganic Chemistry Lab course III A - Bioinorganic Chemistry, coordination chemistry
270002 UE+PR Basic Laboratory Course II - Method Orientated Laborartory Course for Analytical and Organic Chemistry
270162 SE Introduction into school routine - for students of "Chemistry (Teacher accreditions programm)"
270186 VO Organic Chemistry I - classes of compounds
270040 VO Chiral separation - Chiral analysis by chromatographic and electrophoretic methods
270046 VO Environmental Chemical Analysis I - Set of Problems and Approaches
270150 VO Mass Spectrometry II - Modern instrumentation, methods and applications
270167 VO+UE Class room experiments in chemistry - in general and inorganic chemistry
270174 VO Selected chapters of chemistry - -students of lectureship and biologists
270176 SE Modern themes in Biochemistry - -biochemistry current
270205 SE Special Didactics Physics/Chemistry - for Diploma and PhD students
270312 VO Food Toxicology

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