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34.01. Translation and Interpretation

340403 UE Practical Training in eLearning and Media-based Teaching - Tutorials to courses in Translation Studies
340108 VO Cultural Competence: German - (Geistige Strömungen)
340340 UE [en] Basic Translation Competence: English - For studying with not-German native language
150099 UE [ja] Practical Japanese I
150026 UE [ja] Practical Japanese I
150088 UE [ja] Practical Japanese I
150103 UE [ja] Practical Japanese I
150092 UE [de ja] Practical Japanese III-1
150100 VO [de ja] Japanese writing - Kanji
340329 UE [cs] Text Competence: Czech
340247 UE [zh] Modern Chinese 1a (Group 0) - Grammar in Context: Chinese
340385 UE [zh] Modern Chinese 2a (Group 0) - Grammar in Context: Chinese
340407 UE [zh] Speech practical: Chinese 1a (Group 0) - Oral Communication: Chinese
340406 UE [zh] Language Laboratory: Chinese 1a (Group 0) - Listening Competence and Textproduktion: Chinese
340404 UE [zh] Language Laboratory: Chinese 2a (Group 1) - Listening Competence and Text Production: Chinese
150027 VO VO LK 110 Introduction to chinese Literature a - (von den Anfängen bis zum 19. Jahrhundert)
150028 VO VO GG110 Introduction to chinese technical literature (history) - Einführung in die Fachliteratur zu Geschichte und Gesellschaft des modernen China
340405 UE [zh] Technical Terminology: Chinese (Domestic Policy) - Technical Communication: Chinese
150012 UE UE Chinesisch - Übersetzungspraktikum - Übersetzungspraktikum (ab 5.Sem)
340396 UE [de en] Creative Writing

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