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6. Study of Religions

Die Aufnahme von LVA ist noch nicht vollständig. Ergänzungen werden noch bis 30.09. vorgenommen

020117 VO Introduction to the Scientific Study of Religions - (Emphasis on the Development and History of Religions)
010001 VO Introduction to the New Testament I - Synoptic Gospels
010010 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the New Testament II - Paul and His Letters
060059 UE Mishnah
060065 VO+UE The Book "Bahir" - A book of early Kabbalah
090039 KO Conv.: Myths of Creation, Pagan a. Christian - Conversatorium: Myths of Creation, Pagan and Christian
020119 SE Theory of Science of the Study of Religions - according to Joachim Wach's "Religionswissenschaft. Prolegomena zu ihrer wissenschaftstheoretischen Grundlegung", Leipzig 1924 ( = "Introduction to the History of Religions", translated and edited by Kitagawa, J.M./Alles, G.D.: New York/London 1988).
140517 UE Methods and Theory of Gender Studies - Introduction into the Methods and Theory of Gender Studies in the Social Sciences and Humanities
140518 VO Introduction: methods/ theory of gender studies - Introduction into the methods and theory of gender studies in the social sciences and humanities
010014 VO Church History Compact I - A Survey of the History of the first Christian Millenium
010029 VO Study of the Eastern Churches I - Introduction to the Oriental-Orthodox Churches
060073 VO [en] Ancient Mysteries Revealed - Jewish Apocalypticism Between Science and Cultural Identity
140127 VO Islamic Law
140334 VO [en] Deities of landscape
180278 SE Ethics and Philosophy of Religion - Rosenzweig - The Star of Redemption
020108 SE Religious law in Austria - Churches and schools-Religious education and confessional private schools in Austrian legal order
030052 SE Law of Chrstian East - The churches in the area of the former Sowjet Union (20th/21st. cent.)
030359 KU Famous church processes from the 16th century to Josef Ratzinger - vertiefende Lehrveranstaltung gem. § 21 (3) Stp
140127 VO Islamic Law

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