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§ 57.3. Philosophy Second Stage of the Degree Programme

180193 VO Discourses On Discourses - On The Genealogy of Hermeneutical Theories and Methods
180275 SE Elements of Philosophical Anthropology - M.Heidegger and E.Tugendhat
180278 VO-L History of Philosophy III (Classical Modernity through the 19th Century) - Philosophy after Hegel. Feuerbach, Marx, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche
180284 VO-L History of Philosophy III (Classical Modernity through the 19th Century) - History of Philosophy - From Beginning of the Modern Age to Kant
180390 SE Philosophy of History - Historical Thinking After the End of 'Grand Narratives'
180385 SE Metaphysics (ontology) - Schelling's tardyphilosophy
180391 SE Logic and Metaphysics - Charles S. Peirce
180410 SE Approaches to enlightenment in Islamic philosophy - Approaches to enlightenment in Islamic philosophy: Ibn Tufail\'s concept of the pre-religious autonomy of philosophy
180178 SE Environmental ethics - Environmental ethics between art, technique and nature
180238 VO Ethics requires feeling - Ethics requires feeling - The importance and influence of feelings and emotions in the doctor patients relationship with focus on oncology patients
180240 SE Life-Forms - Life-Forms - The Concept of Life between Biopolitics and an Aesthetic of Existence
180268 SE abortion
180269 VO Age(ing)
180420 SE Technicsethics
070223 SE Wissenschaftsgeschichte - Wissen und Gesellschaft: Wissenschaftstheorie in historischen Beispielen.
180115 VO Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction - Philosophical Concepts of Cognitive Science
180213 VO Philosophy in Latin America - Identity, comparison and interaction between Latin American and European philosophical thinking.
180263 VO Creation of The World or Globalization - Jean-Luc Nancy
180268 SE abortion
180298 SE Acknowledgement: Mind-society-morality - From Hegel to G. H. Mead
180308 SE Jacques Derrida - Limited Inc
180419 SE Metaethics
180370 SE Ecology and ethics - Environmental protection as interdisciplinary question
300283 SE Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Intersdisciplinary discussions of current topics in Philosophy, Theology and Biology

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