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A. Bachelor's Degree Programme Philosophy

180523 LPS Aristoteles - Metaphysics: Books of Substance
180443 LPS Reading Course - Learning Philosophy - I. Kants Prolegomena to a future metaphysics as science
180333 LPS Plato IV - Socrates the Educator
180335 LPS Reading Course - Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations (Introductory Passages)
180389 VO-GKL Basic Logic - (1. Teil: BA und PP)
180390 VO-GKL Basic Logic - (2. Teil: BA)
180429 UE-GKL Beginning Logic
180475 VO-L History of Philosophy II (Middle Ages and Early Modernity) - Retracing Main Moments of Medieval and early Modern Philosophy
180477 VO-L History of Philosophy II (Middle Ages and Early Modernity) - Islamic philosophy and its influence on the European Middle Ages
180508 VO-L History of Philosophy III (Classical Modernity through the 19th Century) - The Dead Dogs of Philosophy: Spinoza, Hegel, Marx
180457 PS [en] British Empiricism
180344 PS History of Epistemology - Kant - Critique of pure Reason (tr. Dialectic)
180342 PS Nature and culture of thinking - Der Mensch als bio-psycho-soziales Lebewesen
180524 SE Schelling - Of Human Freedom
180536 SE Body and Soul - a philosophical issue
180356 VO-L Kant - The Critique of pure Reason
180394 SE Engage Science - Zum Verhältnis von Epistemologie und Gesellschaftstheorie
180360 SE Epistemological basic notions - (vor allem Allgemeines, Idee, Wissenschaft, Dialektik, Vernunft/Geist - inkl. Eristik und Sophistik von Ansehen und Sieg bis hin zu Eifersucht und Eitelkeit)
070219 VO Theory of Science, Theory of Historiology - Wissenschaftstheorie: Historische und philosophische Dimensionen
180172 SE Metaphysics and Ontology - The ontological argument and its critique
180451 PS Introduction into Ethics - Aristotelian, Kantian and Utilitarian Approaches and their Topicality
180482 PS Introtuction into Ethics - Classical Texts from Kant to present
180483 VO-L The European Moralists - Texts and Concepts
180486 SE [de en] Faces of Justice - Liberalism and its Critics
180392 SE Acknowledge and development - Kognitive und moralische Probleme der Ontogenese des Geistes
180532 VO-L Political to chart in the 21th century - Der Sinn der Politik in Freiheit - Hannah Arendts politisches Erbe
180431 VO Life-world and Revolution - From Edmund Husserl and Jan Patocka to Václav Havel
180455 VO Ethics requires feeling - Ethics requires feeling - The importance and influence of feelings and emotions in the doctor patients relationship with focus on oncology patients
180404 PS Thinking about/in/by Media - Einführung in die Medientheorie/-philosophie
180353 PS Networks - philosophical implications
180405 PS The number you have called is not available - A Media History of the Telephone
180444 VO-L A Philosophy of Difference - Philosophy of Interculturality And Intercultural Philosophy
180441 VO Philosophy in Latin America - Identity, comparison and interaction between Latin American and European philosophical thinking.
180440 VO Introduction to Chinese Thought - China and the west
180361 VO Zen and Philosophy - Philosophical Anthropology
180170 PS Europe as a Cultural Space - Between Unity and Diversity
180449 PS Cultural Hermeneutics - Oriental culture in the mirror of european art and philosophy
180354 VO Mind: An interdisciplinary approach. - A dialogue between philosophy of mind, psychoanalysis, and cognitive neurobiology
180474 SE [fr] The importance of the concret - The French phenomenology about the role of the concrete
180141 VO The Indian Body - Tantric philosophies in India
180144 SE Poetics of the abatement - Trash, kitsch and abject art
180386 VO Thomas Bernhard - His aesthetical system
180442 VO Art as a radical criticism of time - Freuds theory of dream and the surrealistic spectacle of cruelty
180533 VO Jewish Thought after Nietzsche - Zur jüdischen Nietzsche-Rezeption in der Moderne
180534 SE The Strangeness of the Human factor in Culture - Theodor W. Adorno und die Krise der Kultur
010349 VO Intercultural philosophy - Religionsphilosophische Strömungen Indiens im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
090039 VO Teilgebiet griech. Literatur: Antike Ästhetik - Platon, Aristoteles, Plotin
180306 SE Michel Foucault
180452 VO The Drive - Metamorphoses of a psychoanalytic Concept
180531 SE Motion without measure - Visualisierung - Technik - Utopie
010351 VO Contemporary philosophy - Jean-Paul Sartre- Jürgen Habermas- Michel Foucault
180309 SE Applied ethics - Politics, business and environment
180439 SE Transformations of feminitiy - Transformations of feminitiy - - Hölderlin, Hegel, Derrida, Levinas, Kofman
180510 SE Women Philosophers - Biographical Studies and the Development of Scientific Disciplines
070325 VO Kulturgeschichte /A2 - Sexualität im 20. Jahrhundert: Globale Perspektiven und internationale Entwicklung
180528 VO Theories of Evolution - presuppositions, positions, critics
180329 VO Why work? - - and why think about it?
180331 SE Elements of philosophical Anthropology - Philosophical Anthropology instead of Metaphysics?
180143 SE aesthetics of landscape - Poject-seminar
180354 VO Mind: An interdisciplinary approach. - A dialogue between philosophy of mind, psychoanalysis, and cognitive neurobiology

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