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§ 57.3. Philosophy Second Stage of the Degree Programme

180246 VO-L History of Philosophy III: Subjectivity, Freedom, Otherness - Spinoza, Kant, Fichte, Hardenberg, Hegel
180346 VO-L History of Philosophy II (Middle Ages and Early Modernity) - Von Augustinus bis Anselm
180115 SE Classical texts on aesthetics - From Aristotle to Zizek
180225 SE Philosophy and Economics - Epistemology
180264 SE Ethics and Philosophy of Religion - Friedrich Nietzsche
180307 SE Body and Sexuality - Phänomenologische und diskurstheoretische Perspektiven (Waldenfels, Foucault)
180310 SE Philosophy of science - Neukantianismus und 20. Jh. Zwischen Wissenschaftstheorie und Anthropologie
180209 SE Abortion - Part 2
180306 VO Ethics requires feeling - Fundamental issues in dealing with the fear in the doctors-patients relationship with the topic Psycho Oncology
180019 SE The Question of God - God or Mammon
180043 VO Resisting Bodies - Aisthesis - Materiality - Presence - Performativitity
180199 SE Truth
180211 VO Beauty - A concept and its reality
180213 SE The Unity of the Proposition - Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein on Predication
180267 VO Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction - Consciousness, Cognition and the Brain-Mind-Problem
180289 SE Aplomb and Body Consciousness - Positionen der analytischen Philosophie und Phänomenologie
180294 SE Interdisciplinary seminary philosophy of law - Philosophy and theory of law

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