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B. Diploma Degree Programme in Catholic Theology (1.10.2002)

010083 VO Metaphysics
010082 VO Introduction to the History of Religions - Schwerpunkt Islam
010078 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the Old Testament III - Weisheitliche Schriften
010077 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the New Testament II - Paul and His Letters
010013 VO Church History - Part I - The Origins of the Church and its Growth in Antiquity
010075 VO Titel
010099 VO Fundamental Moral Theology - The Objective Dimension of Morality
010164 VO Pastoral Theology III - Leben, Lieben, Arbeiten, Sterben: Herausforderungen einer 'biographischen Seelsorge'
010113 VO Patrology I
010068 VO Study of the Eastern Churches - Survey of the Relationships between Eastern and Western Churches throughout the centuries
010053 SE Philosophy of modernity in Europe and Latinamerica - (Habermas, Foucault, Dussel, Echeverria)
010089 SE Titel
010120 SE Seminar
010125 SE Lectio- meditatio- contemplatio - Der biblische Text und die kontemplative Übung auf der Grundlage des Ijob- Buches
010144 SE Girls and Boys as victims of sexual violence (Gender) - Wie religionspädagogisch und pastoral damit umgehen?
010152 SE Titel
010027 VO Titel
010118 VU Focus on Migration - Aufmerksamkeit für Zuwanderung und Integration
010141 VO Religious Movements of the 19th Century - Spiritism, Occultism, Theosophy and the Influence of Mesmerism
300283 SE Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Interdisciplinary discussions of current topics in Philosophy, Theology and Biology
010156 SE Highly topical: Eastern and Central Europe - Religiöse und kirchliche Entwicklungen im Spiegelbild der neuesten Forschungen
020047 UE Personal growth and self-experience II - for theologians
020048 UE Personal growth and self-experience III - for theologians
010080 SE Specific subject didactics I - Bible didactics
010147 PV Research Seminar - Der (europäische ) Diskurs um den Religionsunterricht
010162 SE Titel

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