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B. Teacher Training Programme: Biology and Environmental Studies (LA-BU)

(neu, kombinationspflichtig)

300510 VO Physics for Biology and Environmental Science - can be selected only together with lecture 300651
300651 VO Biophysical Phenomene - can be selected only together with lecture 300510
300652 SE+UE Palaeobiology of Animals - only together with "Diversity, Organisation and Biology of animals"
300350 UE Experiments in Biology and Environmental Sciences: Zoology - Experiments Designed for Teaching Animal Physiology at High Schools
300093 SE Key Topics in Biology and Environmental Sciences - Lernen mit zentralen Themen der Biologie in der Praxis
300473 SE+UE Interdisciplinary Project für teacher candidates - Fostering pupils competences through experimentation
300661 VO Main topics in "Biology and Environmental sciences" - ("Biologie und Umweltkunde"): Basic issues of Human Ecology and Environmental Ethics
270029 SE Teaching and learning in science education - for teacher candidates in chemistry, physics, biology
300356 VO Biological Invasions - Neobiota and their relevance
300618 VO Flying animals - Morphology and Evolution
300669 VO Management of endangered species - practical species protection in marine and terrestrial ecosystems

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