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B. Master's Degree Programme Philosophy

070072 VO Theories in History and Theory of Science - Foundational and Methodological Debates in Philosophy and the Sciences I
070073 SE Seminar - "History and Philosophy of Science in Context: Mach und der Wiener Kreis"
180195 SE Platon, Timaios
180232 SE Cardinality and Cardinals - (Minicurriculum Logic IV)
180237 SE Mind and brain
180247 SE Hegel: Science of Logic - The Docrine of Being (Quality)
180267 VO Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction - Consciousness, Cognition and the Brain-Mind-Problem
180274 VO Philosophical Logic - Classical and Non-Classical Conceptions of Formal Logic. An Overview (Minicurriculum Logic III)
180275 VO From Early Atomism to Modern Elementary Particles - Philosophical Aspects of microphysical Concepts
180227 SE Ethics - Handeln - ein Ratifizieren von Gehirnentscheidungen?
180306 VO Ethics requires feeling - Fundamental issues in dealing with the fear in the doctors-patients relationship with the topic Psycho Oncology
180308 SE Practical Philosophy - Nietzsche, Foucault and the Question of Humanism
180043 VO Resisting Bodies - Aisthesis - Materiality - Presence - Performativitity
180213 SE The Unity of the Proposition - Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein on Predication
180289 SE Aplomb and Body Consciousness - Positionen der analytischen Philosophie und Phänomenologie
180378 SE Molecular Cybernetics - Jacques Monods Naturphilosophie und ihr wissenshistorischer Horizont
180196 VO Classic Philosophy of Zen Buddhism - Dogen: shobo genzo
180197 SE Seminar for Interdisciplinary Thought - Zen and Philosophy
180211 VO Beauty - A concept and its reality
180224 VO Philosophy and Economies - Money talks
180252 SE Intercultural Philosophy - The role of science
180279 VO Introduction to Chinese Thought - From the Beginning to the Daodejing
180045 SE-MA Seminar for doctoral candidates - Privatissimum
180204 PRI [en] Francis Bacon

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