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Return to Vienna for the summer semester of 2022. We are planning to hold courses mainly on site to enable the personal exchange between you, your teachers and fellow students. We have labelled digital and mixed courses in u:find accordingly.

Due to COVID-19, there might be changes at short notice (e.g. individual classes in a digital format). Obtain information about the current status on u:find and check your e-mails regularly.

Please read the information on https://studieren.univie.ac.at/en/info.

Diploma Degree Programme according to UniStG

240057 SE A qualitative study about a project on migration and integration in Austrian schools - zu Migration und Integration an österreichischen Schulen
240059 SE To whom belongs the Town? - Difference, Power, Local and Global in Urban Space
240091 SE [en] Anthropology of the Middle East - with Perspectives on Tourism
240092 PR Intercultural Communication and Culture of Conflict Resolution - Traditional Methods of Conflict Resolution vs. Mediation in the Age of Globalisation
240038 VS Nanny Chain and Global Business Men - Studying multiple globalisation dynamics of workplace and gender
240039 VO VO Politics - Globalisation - Theoretical approaches and research examples
240041 VS The importance of religion in the context of migration - the formation of transnational religious movements
240044 VS Streets and Corners. Barrios and Plazas. - Perspectives on Public Space, Urban Identity and Cultural Transmissions in Urban Life.
240046 VO From "Oya" to "Storm" - Transculturality, Resistance, Popularization and the Historic Basics of an Afroamerican Religion in the 21st Century using the Example of the Orisha-Religion in Trinidad.
240047 VO Liminality revisited - applied study of consciousness in religion and psychotherapy
240066 VO Media Studies for Social and Cultural Anthropologists - Medienforschung und Medientheorie für Kultur- und SozialanthropologInnen
240070 VO [en] Rebuilding Afghanistan - local politics versus state policies
240072 VS P3 Regional Fields of Research VS - Development, critique, deconstruction and recent research
240073 SE Das globale Haus der Welt - die lokale Welt des Hauses (P4) - die eine und die andere Seite des Haushalts - Ausbeutung und Bereicherung, Unterdrückung und Widerstand
240075 SE Politics and Religion - Case Studies and Theories in Social Anthropology
240079 SE [en] Alignment Policies, Factionalism and Nation Building - Case Studies from Afghanistan
240080 SE Visual representations of a stereotype - The South Seas
240082 VO [en] Visual Culture
240085 AL [en] Anthro Lab
240086 AL Anthro Lab
240087 AL Anthro Lab
240095 UE [en] Making documentary videos - An introduction for social and cultural anthropologists
240101 SE [en] The Language of African Textiles and Dress - Case Studies Interweaving Material Culture and Arts
240126 SE [en] Uncertainty - The engine of anthropological fieldwork
240128 AL Anthro Lab
240134 SE [en] Political Rituals
240131 VS The Guardians of the Earth - Protected Areas between Tourism Management and Indigenous Self-determination
240090 VS Communicating with the Deities - On the (Re)presentation of Healing Rituals in Science Films

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