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7. Zoology

300049 VO Biology, ecology and conservation biology of bats - The course will focus on the biology (morphology, reproduction, echolocation) and ecology (ecomorphology, feeding ecology, roostin ecology) of bats. Furthermore threats to bats and conservation measures to protect bats will be discussed.
300101 VO+UE Practical training in determination native animals - Introduction to functional morphology, systematics and diversity of Central European animals
300116 PP Behavioural Biology, Gruenau - (social mechanisms) at the Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle in Gruenau
300214 UE Animal Physiology Laboratory 2 - Nerve, Muscle, Sense
300222 PP Sea turtles - Protection of sea turtles in Turkey. Project in applied nature conservation.
300247 UE+EX Ecological-terrestrial Fieldcourse - Fieldcourse in the mediterranean region
300250 PP Ecological behaviour of pollinator insects - Ecological behaviour of pollinator insects
300275 UE Animal Physiology Laboratory 1 - Reproduction, Metabolism and Immunology
300539 VO Austrian butterflies and their habitats - Identification, ecology and conservation; with field demonstrations
300561 PP [en] Methods in molecular phylogenetics - DNA extraction to phylogenetic analyses
300672 PR Animal observations in the zoo - Basic practical course in observation of zoo kept animals

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