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Diploma Degree Programme according to UniStG

240188 SE Ethnographies of Material Culture - Methods in the Context of Economic Anthropology (P1) - Methoden im wirtschaftsethnologischen Kontext 
240159 VS Between a Rock and a Hard Place: (3.3.1, 3.3.2) - Global Politics, Conflict and the Issue of Communication
240161 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240162 VO Values, Limits and Liminality (3.3.2) - Challenges for modern Peace and Conflict Studies
240164 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240165 VS Social conflicts, ethnic conflicts: theories, processes and resolutions (3.3.2) - Theorien, Verlaufsformen und Bearbeitungsansätze
240166 VS Nanny Chain and Global Business Men: (3.3.1) - Zu den multiplen Globalisierungsdynamiken von Arbeitsplätzen und Geschlecht
240185 AL [en] Anthro Lab (P6)
240191 VO From Differences to Intersections: History and Potentials of the intersectionality debate (P2) - Entwicklung und Potentiale der Intersektionalitäts-Debatte 
240207 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240209 UE Digital Anthropology: (P5) - The Production and Publication of Anthropological Contents by the Means of the "New Media"
240211 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240212 AL [en] Anthro Lab (P6)
240213 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240214 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240215 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240216 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240217 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240218 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240221 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240223 SE "Markets, Weddings, Soap Operas and Motorcycles" – Women and Genderroles in Westafrican Cities (P3) - Frau-Sein und Geschlechterbeziehungen in westafrikanischen Städten
240230 SE [en] 'Affect,' and pertains to the 'affect turn' (P4) - within cultural theory broadly, and within anthropology more specifically
240238 AL Anthro Lab
240147 VS Anthropology of Flight (IIMA, 3.2.2) - Theoretische Ansätze, Globalisierung und Genderaspekte
240153 VS The anthropological study of Austrian education: (MABOP, 3.2.4) - a theoretical and practical introduction

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