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Free Optional and Other Courses

260073 SE Seminar - Hands-on - not that easy?!
260074 SE The pedagogical use of computers in physics education - Based on results from physics education research, case studies of the lecturer, didactics of media and psychology of learning examples will be adressed focusing on the potential of digital media. Specifically topics from the field of mechanics, electricity and optics will be covered. The computer will be used as a tool for collecting and evaluating data as well as for modeling and simulations.
260106 SE Physics-FAQ - Typical Misunterstandings froms physics
260147 SE [de en] Atomic ordering in alloys
260205 UE Practical Class PC hardware for science I - (mit Realisierung von Messaufbauten)
260264 VO+SE Physics for Every Day Life - What role does physics play in every day activities?

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