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T II Historical-Geographical Analysis/Socio-Economic Dimensions of International Development in Spatial and Temporal Perspectives:

070342 VO [en] Rise and Descent of the British Empire - British global power from 1500
070166 VO [en] Theories and Methods of Global History - In/Security Discourses and Practises in Global Politics
070201 PS Proseminar - Agrarverhältnisse vom Neolithikum bis zur Globalisierung
070070 UE [es] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 1 - Discursos de civilización y barbarie en América Latina, siglos XIX y XX
070281 KU [en] Working Skills in Global History - 'Global Food History'
070397 SE [en] Seminar - Britain and the British in India - India and the Indians in Britain: Cultural, Social, Political and Military Encounters
070279 FS Research Module Global Studies - Globalgeschichte der Ernährung
070466 SE Advanced Module 2: Issues, Problems and Methods of Economic and Social History - Soziale Rahmen der öffentlichen Vergegenwärtigung von Vergangenheit in globaler Perspektive

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