Universität Wien

B. Master Degree Programme in Study of Religions

Informationen sowie den Studienplan finden Sie unter:

060005 VO+UE [de en] The Jewish Communities in Austria - their daily life, religion, society and culture from the 14th until the mid-20th century.
060007 VO+UE Rabbinic Theology
240043 VO From "Oya" to "Storm" (3.3.5) - Transculturality, Resistance, Popularization and the Historic Basics of an Afroamerican Religion in the 21st Century using the Example of the Orisha-Religion in Trinidad
140015 SE Islam in Europe - Der Islam im österreichischen Diskurs
140042 UE Media Islam
140308 SE History of Ideas in Islam - (Seminar on Classical Islam)
140299 PS Notable Temples and Monasteries of Central and Western Tibet - Their History, Art, Architecture, Text Collections and Inscriptions
140006 VO+UE Islam Online
010074 FS Doing Research in Study of Religions - Current methods and their application in research projects
010208 BA Spirituality made concret II - New explorations in the Archdiocese of Vienna
020068 EX Excursion
010016 VU Theory of religious education - General subject didactics
030060 SE The presence of Religion in public space - for diploma and doctoral students
030112 SE Law of the Christian East - Orthodoxy in Europe (for diploma and doctoral students)
030425 SE Seminar on Legal Philosophy and Religious Law: Revolutions and Woman´s Rights - for undergraduate and graduate students
140042 UE Media Islam
140127 SE Islamic Law
180095 SE Kant
240041 VS Shamanism and Ritual Healing (3.3.5) - Transpersonal Ways of Knowing and Research in Anthropology of Religion

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