Universit├Ąt Wien FIND

Master Degree Programme CREOLE - Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes

240064 SE Tracing Intimacies (P1) - diversity and lived experiences of citizenship in Vienna
240082 SE EthnoSoundScapes (P4) - The Conception, Production and Publication of Ethnographic Sound/Music Data
240091 SE [en] Visual Culture (P4)
240127 SE Social Anthropological Perspektives on Development and Local Political Culture in North Africa (P4) - Ethnologische Perspektiven auf Entwicklung und lokale politische Kultur in Nordafrika
240074 AL P6 Anthro Lab
240099 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240100 AL [en] Anthro Lab (P6)
240101 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240102 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240103 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240104 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240105 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240106 AL Anthro Lab (P6)
240107 AL Anthro Lab (P6)

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